• Julissa Zwemmer

Travelling Thoughts

One day I discovered, the only place where I have space for my thoughts, is when I'm travelling. Mostly, in the train, where I love to stare outside the window. Actually, it could be any moving vehicle that allows me to look outside the window peacefully. I realized it feels like the only place where my thoughts are accurate and meaningful. It seems that chaotic thoughts disappear and calmness takes its place with really helpful thoughts. The time in the train creates room in my mind to consider the issues that really matter. For example, I notice to experience these valuable travelling thoughts, on the bus, train, boot and plane.

Those moments are revealing my deeply-hidden-feelings and subconsciousness. Sometimes I come up with solutions or creative ideas, I would have never thought of. Other times, I just create some mind-space by having a thoughtless mind for a while. Only on the road I could have a thoughtless mind, due to knowing I'm on my way. Realizing this, brings comfort, you can't do anything at the moment. The aim of being always productive fades away. Of course, you could work in the train or plane, but it wouldn't be an ideal situation. You rather spend time travelling to take a break. Hopefully, everyone would embrace the break and make it worthwhile. It is a well-deserved break, because you are already 'doing' something. You managed to travel physically from place A to B. Therefore, let go of the to-do-lists or concerns and leave it for your destination.

Obviously, not only by sitting in the train these thoughts will be triggered, but the situation obliges me to relax. It makes me remember to make an effort to become relaxed, by being aware of my breathing. By doing so, I will slowly encounter mindful thoughts.

In this power of now I realized: these moments bring me the most clarified thoughts, high-educated comments, deeply rooted opinions, philosophical breakthroughs and/or inner peace. They are so valuable to me and probably for more people. With that in mind, I created Travel Thoughts, in order to share these mindful thoughts and hopefully to inspire people to cherish those breaks and welcome a calm mind with helpful thoughts.

Especially in this high-paced digital world, those breaks with travelling thoughts are human basic needs, and we couldn't stress enough the importance of creating those moments in our life's, in order to life a happy meaningful life.


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