• Julissa Zwemmer

Falling down from Heaven

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Climbing up the mountain, thinking; 'Why didn't we take the normal route?'. Well after an enthusiastic start, we lost the path. Adventurers as we were, we made our own. Crawling through the bushes, grabbing tree roots and pulling ourselves up on rocks. Reaching for the top of the mountain, the same way the first climbers probably did.

Right there, the final step. The pain, tiredness and frustration, turned into an explosive feeling of satisfaction. Floating high above the ground, high in spirit with a high raised heart rate. A thought-taking view, which makes you feel the need to open-up. The need to spread your arms, reaching your chin up to the sky. Aiming for a broader chest to breath in deeply and suck it all into your heart and soul. Trying to make a connection with your inner self and whatever it is that stands above us. A small touch of heaven.

Paku Summit, Tairua, New Zealand.

Walking down, with fulfilled hearts and bumped up spirits. One forgets to pay attention and steps, while jumping down, on a little twig. My ankle lands sideways, *CRACK*. One of my friends catches me, when I throw myself towards him. Few seconds later the pain hits me. 'Take me to the bench, now!' After I passed out for a couple of minutes and they smacked me back, my friend told me that I'm lucky, it happened near a bench. 'Well, how on earth could I be so lucky 😒?' She had a point. What if, I tripped up there and we needed to get all the way back down. Still, I had to make my way back to the house. My friend started running towards the car, but in vain, it was way too far. He knocked on someone's door and asked for a ride. The man surely wanted to help this man in a hurry, but why rush, he said. I will take you, if in return you smoke this joint with me. WHAT?! Well uh, sure. He came back with the car and a great story. Luckily, I was the only one taken care of in the hospital after that ride. YESSSSSSSS! My ankle, it wasn't broken, just fucked up. Haha thanks doc. With a stash of painkillers, a moonboot and some dollars lighter, we called it a day and a hell of a trip.

After 4 weeks, I was still known as limpy. Gosh, how frustrating, not to be able to do anything. I had to put walking, yoga and dancing salsa on hold. How was I supposed to manage my mental wellbeing? I couldn't do the things that I loved the most. I was not able to recharge myself after a mental breakdown or cheer myself up after feeling low. Okay, tough. No wait! A challenge or a lesson. How to manage your mind while being unable to get physical? Back to mindfulness and meditation. That works, sitting still, no fear of missing out, no pressure to do something. Because you simply can't. It brings back the appreciation for your 'normal' working body. Seeing the importance of an ankle, its connection with the whole body. Admiration for disabled people. It made me realize to put the situation in a different perspective;

I was unlucky to get my ankle sprained, but I was lucky to gain the value of appreciation back. Sometimes we need to fall from heaven to remind ourselves, we have been at a good place after all.


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